Founded in 2006, Happy Home is one of Farthest Corners’ first projects. It is led  by a group of community leaders in northern Karen State, Myanmar (Burma). These leaders desired to have a home for the orphaned and poverty-stricken families. This Christian home welcomes children from all creeds and religions and is in a village which has a high school, the only one within a two-days walking distance.

Since its founding, over one-hundred children have come through Happy Home. Many have graduated and gone onto become teachers, nurses, medics and leaders within their communities. We have seen many Happy Home students, from non-believing families, receive Jesus Christ and be baptized through the home’s ministry; while other non-believing students have felt led not to become Christian. Our love for all of these children who grow intoyoung adults remains the same, and we have endeavored to remain connected with these children once they leave Happy Home.