Farthest Corners expresses God’s love in remote regions of Asia where suffering exists by providing humanitarian aid for the great spiritual, physical and educational needs of the people.

Empowered and inspired by God’s love, we envision the Kingdom of God being built throughout Asia by sharing the uplifting message of Jesus Christ.

In February of 2006, a small group met in the upstairs library at Greenwich Presbyterian Church in Nokesville, VA to listen to one of its members share his vision for a mission in Asia. Plans for his mission took shape while he was teaching at a Christian school in Thailand. His time off from teaching had been spent traveling with Christian friends into Myanmar where he witnessed firsthand the needs there.

This man’s vision prompted the group, to form Farthest Corners with the commitment to provide humanitarian aid as well as spiritual and educational assistance to these people.

In March 2006, he returned to Asia and now is a full-time missionary for Farthest Corners. He identifies situations where he believes we can make a difference and informs the organization of the support required.

Support from Greenwich Presbyterian Church, Nokesville Church of the Brethren, Vinyard Community Fellowship, Community Christian Fellowship, Pender United Methodist Church, Vienna Presbyterian Church, Centreville Presbyterian Church, Oakdale Baptist Church, Manassas Assembly of God, and many generous donors from those churches and the surrounding community has enabled Farthest Corners to make a difference far beyond what was anticipated at that first meeting.  Within a few years the organization grew and soon was able to donate to mission projects which include:

– Management of  Happy’s Home, a hostel/orphanage that now supports over fifty children.

–  Medical kits for relief missions and emergency rice to care for people in times and places of need.

– Educational supplies and resources to schools.

– Cooking utensils, blankets, clothes, toilets and mosquito nets for people inside Burma and along its border.

– Bibles, hymnals and musical instruments so Christians may worship God in ways that encourage them in their faith.

In addition to providing humanitarian aid through Farthest Corners, the Missionary teaches, counsels, and encourages budding Christians in Myanmar as well as in his home. He does this by forming working partnerships with other Christian groups and missionaries.

A giant leap of faith led to the formation of Farthest Corners. Believing that God does not send where He does not lead, we also believe that we are in Asia to carry out God’s plan. In support of that call, providing humanitarian aid and spreading the uplifting message of Jesus Christ in Asia continues to be the preeminent goal of Farthest Corners. The prayers and financial support of many faithful will allow this mission to continue to grow.