Sinte is Falam Chin and was born in Myanmar (Burma).  Her earliest memories are of hearing tigers walking around her family’s small hut in the mountainous jungles of Chin State. When Sinte was five, her family moved down  the mountains allowing Sinte to go to school. After graduating high school, Sinte went to a bible school in Yangon where she earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree.  Upon graduation, Sinte served as a missionary and teacher in a Myanmar government school in a rural Burman village outside of Mandalay. In 2005, Sinte was offered and accepted a scholarship  for a Master of Divinity at McGilvary Seminary, Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2006, while studying together at the seminary, Sinte met her future husband.

In 2008, the two married, and one year later they welcomed their first child (a son), Ewing Mang House. Their second child (a daughter), Eliana Parsin House was born in 2013 and their third child (a son), Enoch Malsawm House was born in 2017.

Sinte is currently working towards finishing an MA TESOL with her research focusing on developing a play-based learning curriculum for preschool students in Myanmar.  Sinte leads all of Farthest Corners’ children, women’s training and education scholarship ministries.