The House Family

Austin was born and raised in northern Virginia on his family’s dairy farm while Sinte grew up in Southeast Asia and remembers as a youngster hearing tigers walk around their family’s hut. After graduating high school, Austin served for several years in the military then went to college at the Virginia Military Institute and after graduating went into the mission field. Sinte after graduating high school went onto a bible school and then served as an indigenous missionary in her home country among another people group. In 2006, Austin and Sinte met while studying for their Master of Divinity degrees at McGilvary College of Divinity in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2008, the two were married and one year later they welcomed their first child (a son), Ewing Mang House. Their second child (a daughter), Eliana Parsin House was born in 2013 and their third child (a son), Enoch Malsawm House was born in 2017.

Over the years, Sinte has served as a teacher and missionary in a small village, taught courses at the same seminary where she received her Bachelor of Theology and has been involved in many children and women training ministries. Austin has done relief and development work, taught and discipled students in a bible school at a refugee camp, served in evangelism and church planting movements and for five years worked as a full-time lecturer at a seminary in Thailand.

The House Family is looking towards building on their ministry work in SE Asia through many of the projects and relationships they have helped to sow in thirteen plus years of mission work. A move to another country is being planned which will allow them to do further outreach to unreached people groups their family has a heart to serve. Please pray for the House Family and most importantly for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be glorified in their service.