Kalay International Education Center (KIEC)

KIEC will open in the city of Kalaymyo in northern Myanmar, providing preschool students an international educational experience as well as offering English tutoring classes with an experienced native teacher. KIEC will be the best education center in Kalaymyo for advancing an individual’s English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. While education is important we first and foremost desire to glorify God by providing a caring and safe place for children to grow holistically, for our workers to be discipled in a more extensive way, and for our customers to see Christian principles employed in a business like setting. We want to not only provide an excellent educational service but also build lifelong relationships and a strong witness within both the Christian and Buddhist communities.

Happy Home

Founded in 2006, Happy Home was one of Farthest Corners’ first projects in coordination with a group of community leaders in northern Karen State, Myanmar (Burma). These leaders desired to have a home for the orphan and poverty stricken families among them, particularly those struck by civil war which at that point had raged in that region for almost sixty years. This Christian home welcomes children from all creeds and religions and is in a village which has a high school, the only one in two-day walking distance. Since its founding over one-hundred children have been through Happy Home. Many have graduated and gone onto becoming teachers, nurses, medics and leaders within their own communities. We have seen many students, from non-believing families receive Jesus Christ and accept baptism through this home. While other non-believing students have not. Our love for all of these children remains the same and we endeavor to stay connected with these children once they leave Happy Home.

Seminary Student Scholarships

Meeting with seminary students who resceive scholarships from Farthest Corners.

Since 2008, Farthest Corners has provided scholarships to seminary students who would have little chance to receive an education otherwise. Students are required to perform at least a year or two of service in either their home church or to go into the mission field within their own country to unreached people groups in their country. These scholarships reflect Farthest Corners’ desire to serve alongside local Christian communities in SE Asia to build up their future leaders and workers.


Whether it was providing war torn victims medicine and medical care, shelter and food for those who survived Cyclone Nargis, rice for those stuck by plagues of rats or aid for those devastated by floods, Farthest Corners has stood by to help those in times of natural and man-made disasters. Often, we are one of the few groups to be able to reach stricken areas due to our long-term relationships we have formed with these communities. We stand ready to assist those in despair as Christ calls us to care in compassionate ways.


While aid is necessary in times of great need, long term sustainability is a must for communities to strive for. Farthest Corners has supported livestock and agriculture projects in rural communities for over ten years. An example of Farthest Corners’ desire to help make communities stronger is in the development of Happy Home Farm. Feeding over thirty children every day is a massive cost and since 2009, this farm has been slowly developed to provide rice for the children and work force at Happy Home. Typically, three farm workers and their families also work the land and receive their support from their labors. By 2020, the plan is for the farm to be developed to such an extent that it provides for over 90% of Happy Home’s rice needs. Once rice production has reached its full potential, other rotational crops and fruit trees are planned to be introduced.


Starting a nursery in a border village, tutoring students in English, providing scholarships to college students for non-secular degrees or providing books for schools, these are just a few of the examples of how Farthest Corners since its origins has supported education efforts in SE Asia. We firmly believe education is a great way to bring positive transformation and long term impact to the communities we partner with.

Christian Support

Farthest Corners is a Christian organization that believes in making disciples of Jesus Christ. All our projects look for opportunities and ways to integrate the great commission in our everyday witness to make disciples of all nations. Over the years, we have supported evangelists full time and part time as well as provided churches with gifts of instruments and other support as necessary. However, Farthest Corners ensures that in all its support, we endeavor to maintain walking the fine line of giving abundantly with our hearts as well as using wisdom to assist churches and Christian communities to being self-sufficient bodies of Christ.