Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays a dozen children come to Sinte & Mangte Pa’s home for a preschool program. While the guys went to visit the village, I stayed and helped with preschool. These are very bright children! Let me back up; before the children arrive, the “room” is made ready. The floor is swept, toys are brought out and, lunch is prepared! Sinte and helpers, Mary and Sueboo are busy well before the children arrive. While Sueboo speaks fluent English as well as Burmese; Mary is fluent in Burmese. The children play for about an hour and then sing a few songs about God’s love. What sweet voices they have and how animated they are with the motions that go with the songs! They are very attentive and are so happy; it is obvious how much they like being in this place.

Drawing Fruit!

Sinte, Sueboo and Mary, are amazing with the children! They have taught them to recognize letters, numbers, and things (fruits were the lesson the day I helped). After Sinte leads the children in speaking the letters, numbers, and fruit that are written on a white board, each child gets a chance to draw the fruit on the whiteboard. Everyone encourages and applauds the work each child does. You can see by the look on their face that they are trying very hard to draw the fruit correctly and that they appreciate the encouragement from the rest.

Practicing letters

Next, the children practice writing their letters on a sheet of paper prepared for the child that morning. The teachers are very patient and encouraging with each child. While most are 5, a few are younger and a few are older. The younger ones keep up very well and the older ones help the younger ones.


Most work until it’s time for lunch. All are excited about lunch! While the children eat, the toys are washed and dried so they are ready for the next time. After lunch, tables are wiped and put up as children begin their nap time. Most slept; a few wanted to play more so they were able to play on the porch while the rest napped. There’s one little fella that goes to sleep first and wakes up last! He certainly appreciates a good rest!

When the last ones are up, it’s time to sing again! A few songs and parents arrive. The preschool program is a great way for our missionaries to build great relationships with the parents in this community, many of whom are not Christian. The seeds of love, hope, and encouragement that are planted in these precious little ones wouldn’t be without the faithful dedication of these three women. Truly inspiring! – Leslie