I re-discovered a very simple truth on Tuesday: Telling people about God’s love for them is supposed to be a natural part of being a Christian. We visited another refugee camp close to the village where Mangte Pa & Sinte live. We were led through the village by a wonderful family from Burma who came to the camp three years ago with the hope of getting a better life. They are still waiting for that dream to come true. But in the mean time, they spend their lives reaching out to their neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ. All they talked about while we were with them was the programs they were planning and the different ways that they can share Jesus’ message with the different communities within the camp. It was so convicting to see their strong heart for evangelism when mine has grown so weak. I was embarrassed to share that I do not experience the same passion about sharing Jesus with others back home.

Worship in the village.

After our new friends treated us to a delicious Burmese meal (that was far beyond their means), we travelled to a small village nearby to worship with the people there. This is a place that just within the last year has had three families accept Jesus Christ and turn from spirit worship. As a result they are experiencing a lot of persecution from their neighbors and will face many challenges in the coming years. But the hope that they have in Christ is so real and has been so life-transforming that they do not give up. As we were sharing communion with them, I was able to look each one in the eyes and remind them of God’s love. It was so powerful to realize that the message of salvation has come to a place that until recently was once so dark. And it is amazing that we have had even a small part in that message and can sit face to face with our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world and encourage each other in faith. We thank God for their faithful witness to those around them and pray that God will fill our hearts with the same passion and love of the gospel that they have. – Eric

Our brothers & sisters in Christ.

The leaders of these villages meet regularly with our missionaries and local pastors who help them learn the Bible and grow in their faith. They have many questions and are still learning how to understand Christianity in a way that makes sense in their culture. Two of the men from this village are musicians and singers and are composing Christian music appropriate for worship in their community. It is so amazing that Mangte Pa and Sinte are the teachers for these young Christians as they grow into the next leaders of the church here in this part of Southeast Asia. Please pray for them.

Our Mission Team...Mary, Mangte Pa, Sinte, Mangte, Samuel, & Rakchat