Worshipping together in the village

We are safely back in Mangte Pa & Sinte’s home after a great trip through the jungle to a more remote village. We had a chance to worship with the villagers and share communion with them (bread and strawberry Fanta!) and they seemed to be encouraged by having us there. There are not many Christians in this place but the ones that are there are very strong in their faith. Because there is so much spirit worship, they have lived their lives in fear and there is a sadness in the village. But the Christians have experienced freedom from that bondage to the spirits. They have come to understand that they have hope and salvation through Jesus Christ and there is a joy and a peace that they have that others in the village can see. This young church does experience persecution because they are not following the same traditions. And they are still very young in their understanding of the Bible and they have a lot of questions. Please pray for them, that they will stay strong in their faith and that God will protect them from all harm.

Today, we will go to visit some friends in another refugee camp and then worship at another village in the area where there is a young church. Hopefully we will be an encouragement to the Christians there. Please continue to pray for safe travel for us and for our conversations along the way. – Eric

Podu, Saw Eh La Too, Eric, & Gaing