Our family has come to America but it’s hard to call it home for all of us.

House Family in front of Stratford Hall on July 4th.

For Austin, coming home has been a great event. I’ve been able to get outdoors and help my family with some small work around their home and farm. It brings back sweet memories too. Just this week we were driving through some fields behind my parent’s home, which had just been sprayed with cow manure for fertilizer. Eliana took one whiff and said “that smells like granddaddy, he smells like cows.” So memories for Austin are not just relationships and sights, but also just getting back to those home smells.

Grandaddy and his grandkids feeding calves.

For Ewing and Eliana, home has always been Thailand with visits to grandparents in Myanmar (Burma) and the United States during their lifetime. But the kids are loving their time in America. Sinte and I are so thankful to have a place where our kids can run around in a back yard and we don’t really have to worry at all for them.

Granddaddy with grandson Enoch.

Long time Farthest Corners Board Chair and Member, Becky Whitelock, getting time with Enoch.

An additional blessing for our family is having Enoch with us too. Having a baby with us after our firts two kids were born was is a new experience both for our board and our family. Everyone seems to be loving their Enoch time.

Eating crabs with family.

For Sinte, this trip to America has been one of ease on one side and tension on the other. In one way, she likes America and sees it as a great place to raise our family. At the other end she knows we are called by God to make these new steps of faith to her home in Myanmar (Burma), which our whole family accepts will be a mix bag of blessings and hardships. Yet, we go as the Lord leads.

Our latest move before coming to the USA (The eight time in seven years). Moving our home from Thailand to Myanmar (Burma).

There has always been a tension in our family’s life about home. Sinte and I have made 8 major house moves in our seven years of marriage. This doesn’t include our times in Burma or the USA which could go for up to 6 months at a time. Inevitably, this causes friction for our family.

Our two little gurus traveling positions.

Again, the 4 year old guru that our daughter Eliana is, asked a few days ago after traveling from a church visit in Pennsylvania, “Where is our home?”  Sinte and I had a hard time answering. So many moves in the past few years and knowing more were coming makes our family feel as if we are more like Bedouins then missionaries.

Yet, somehow in this grayness of life as a missionary we grasp for this hope that life is not always steady. Perhaps, it is important for us to recognize this that home in the end is not in this world, but rather when we place ourselves in the lap of our great God and say “we are yours.”

Easy to say, hard words to live by. So as we visit many in the USA this summer we ask that you pray for our family. Help us to feel at home with you and also pray alongside us for strength knowing that in the end, this home we live in now is just a temporary one. A world in which the Lord calls us to proclaim the eternal Kingdom of God. Thanks for your prayers, and please do invite us for a visit with you. We so desire spending time with all of you who send us out into the mission field.