A great deal of this year has seen for our family thinking about home or perhaps better still where will home be?

Family after church service at a seminary/church in Yangon.

Where exactly is our family’s home? For Austin, home is certainly considered to be Nokesville, VA. This is where he grew up, is still loved greatly and a place he certainly misses. How could he not? Yet, whenever he returns home he finds that home, well… isn’t home anymore. For Sinte, home is in Myanmar (Burma). Yet, whenever Sinte goes back to visit during the last ten years, she also gets that strange feeling that home, well… isn’t home anymore. Even our children born in Thailand which is not the native country of their parents puts them in that strange vortex of “I am Thai…but oh so not Thai.”

I think this is one of those things where missionaries really are blessed in a very uncomfortable way. After spending many years in the field we start to feel in a worldly sense somewhat ‘homeless’. It is not because those in our homelands don’t love us, or that we aren’t welcomed home when we return. The opposite is the case! But as we are lovingly supported and sent out from our homes into far flung ‘foreign’ homes a sense of feeling somewhat uneasy takes hold of us. This is especially true when we take time to reflect and meditate with God. It is a feeling hard to describe but I think when we are in these times we are able to recognize all the more fully, that our homes in this world are fleeting, but the Kingdom of God is eternal. This in the end is the home we’re leaning towards, one with great hope and promise founded through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Isn’t that a great promise, in a very uncomfortable feeling way. I could preach more on this, but I’ll save it for a sermon.

So why all this talk about home?

First, our two months in Sinte’s ‘home’ are about to come to a close at the end of July. Certainly, this is Sinte’s home, although there have been times during these past couple months she’s not quite felt at home. Having to extend her Visa in her own homeland, was an interesting experience for her. We’ve learned a lot about housing, language learning, visas, ministry work and many other things in Sinte’s ‘home’ making this trip very worthwhile.

Second, when we return to our ‘home’ in Thailand we’ll have to move again. This will be our fifth major move in the past five years. This count does not include our often month long ministry trips in Myanmar (Burma), along the borders or furlough time we’ve had in the US. It is unfortunate, but moving homes has become an annual occurrence in our family’s life. Not really by choice, but by circumstance.

Third, we are looking at another move next year to  our new/old ‘home’ Myanmar (Burma); and this could very well be a very long term one.  This has always been a strong possibility discussed with our partners since Farthest Corners was started, but now it looks like the time is coming to fulfillment. We still have not completely closed the door to Thailand mission work yet, but we need to prepare our hearts for the strong possibility of a move next year. So with that we want to show just a few pictures of what life looks like here in Myanmar (Burma).

Sinte meeting with church members before worship.

Preaching at a church/seminary in Myanmar.

Meeting with seminary students who receive scholarships from Farthest Corners.

Austin doing his Burmese studies.

Buddhist Nuns in Yangon

Eliana never likes to pose for pictures even with the woman seller in the market helping her.

Mommy I told you I do not like posing for pictures.

Dried fish is a staple here in the market.

This man continued to joke with us for a week afterwards asking if we'd like him to take off his shirt for a picture.

Some of our shirted friend's fried bread.

Sinte and Eliana with their Burmese tanaka on.

This is just a small sample of life here in Myanmar (Burma).

Some prayer requests:

  1. Next week we’ll be traveling around northern Myanmar (Burma). Traveling here is always sketchy by airplane and bus, especially in the rainy season, so please pray for us.
  2. As we look to how God might be leading us to Myanmar (Burma) will you please pray and intercede asking if this is God’s will. From many practical points it seems to us like the right move. That is saying something, since not many families would feel called to this country, yet we certainly meet the criteria. Still, our God often works in impractical ways and we desire His will first and foremost.  This is our greatest desire, to be obedient disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please pray we are on the right path as we continue to move forward.

More to come in the following months…. Stay tuned to our blog!