The above picture comes from a book written by Alexander McCall Smith. I have not read the book yet, but I sure do connect with the title.

When I was a kid I think one of the coolest things I saw in the ‘big city’ of Washington, D.C. was a revolving door. There were monuments and exhibits all around, but you could give me a revolving door and I bet that could keep me entertained for quite a while. And why not? You could enter into that contraption of death and swing around and around. Of course the faster they went the better. I can vividly remember my younger brother behind me pushing his separate partition and it was my job to jump out as fast as I could, without him catching me in my grand exit. Of course I never really gave much attention to what would happen if I didn’t make my exit in time. Fortunately, he never caught me…well at least that I can remember anyway. I tend to try and forget a good deal of the misjudgements I’ve made in my youth.

As of late, I feel as if our family has been living in a revolving door of ministry. As many of you know it has been a dizzying year in ministry here in the field for our family and after this coming semester in December our contract with McGilvary Seminary will come to a close. Slowly and surely international students, staff members and faculty friends are leaving one by one and we are going through our goodbyes. We’re also as a family trying to make sure that our exit is one with a good witness for the Kingdom of God.

While these changes are inevitable, I think our family is starting to get a much clearer picture about what types of ministries our family can serve best in. Still, prayers of discernment are certainly needed for our family, our supporters and our senders Farthest Corners and The Antioch Partners who provide us with a great deal of wisdom.

Last week we arrived in Yangon and are here for at least a two month trip to Myanmar where our family will take time to do some field work, Burmese language studies (for Austin) and possibly explore some future ministry opportunities. Sinte and the kids are fitting right in as they usually do. Speaking Chin a mile a minute and picking up Burmese as if it is a natural thing to do.

I (Austin) sure do wish he knew where this revolving door is going to stop and where/when our family is going to get out. But for some strange reason I sense the speed is slowing down and that while this year hasn’t been easy the Lord’s hand has been behind us the whole time.  Nice to have that peace and knowledge of the presence of God.

So please do pray for our family these coming months. If we get a chance, and if the internet allows it, we’ll try to send an update or two about our family’s happenings. You can also keep up to date with some pictures from the Myanmar (Burma) field in the Farthest Corners Facebook page.

We’re looking forward to where the Lord is leading us next.

Blessings from the field,

Austin and Family