When Cyclone Nargis hit the Delta region in Burma in May 2008, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in the ensuing floods. In addition, a need for aid and food, particularly rice, to that region was unlike any relief demand in recent memory. In fact, it overwhelmed even some of the world’s largest aid organizations. At that time Farthest Corners, a fairly new mission organization founded in 2006, to minister in Burma and along the Thai border, was operating out of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Under the leadership of field coordinator Austin House, Farthest Corners had numerous reliable mission contacts inside Burma who efficiently distributed aid and food provided with funds from Farthest Corners supporters. In less than two short weeks more than $11,000 was raised for the relief effort. As large ships filled with relief supplies from around the world sat in harbor in the Indian Ocean, unable to off load because of political disagreements, Farthest Corners aid was being frantically paddled by Burmese citizens on flat boats to the delta to relieve suffering.

Fast forward to Summer 2015. Flooding, more widespread this time, has again caused great suffering and loss of life in many areas of Burma. Rice fields have been flooded, demolishing entire crops. This time, our missionaries know by name some of those who were lost. Villages where Farthest Corners has ministered are in desperate need of supplies , especially rice. Because of the Nargis experience in 2008, Farthest Corners knows how to do this! Again the organization is gearing up to meet the great need in Burma. A special fundraising effort has been planned for October 25 at Greenwich Presbyterian Church in Nokesville.

Rice For Burma will feature an afternoon of events designed to entertain, feed and inform every age group. At 3 p.m. in the Greenwich Sanctuary composer/pianist Heather Sorenson will present a concert with the Greenwich Chancel Choir. At 4 p.m. a dinner will be held in the Fellowship Hall featuring foods served with rice including Asian and American dishes. The Warrenton Youth Chorale will present several selections at the dinner. There is no admission charge for the event but donations for the relief effort will be accepted.  You can also click on the donation button below to contribute now.  Thank you for your support!

Donations through this link will be designated for Rice For Burma.