We just wanted to give you all an update through many, many pictures of our time here in the US as we are counting down the days for our trip back to Thailand.

Our family came back to the US in early January 2014. We first arrived in Portland, OR for Austin to continue in his Doctor in Missiology classes at Western Seminary. We stayed at a wonderful apartment at the World View Center. This place was just perfect for us where we lived alongside and shared our lives with many missionary families, ministers and international students.

Worldview Community Dinner Time

Ewing Mang with some of his buddies from World View.

Our family's first snow man!!!

Some of the Worldview kids visit our apartment. It was wonderful to be able to share our lives and homes with such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

One of Sinte's Bible Study Groups

Our stay was for only three months in Portland but the relationships we built there will last a lifetime. We were honored and blessed to live among such a great community of faith with people from many different countries.


In front of Multnomah Presbyterian Church. It's raining of course!

During our stay in Portland, we were also able to worship at a wonderful church “Multnomah Presbyterian Church.” We felt like home here and we were really fed the Word of God by the the Co-Pastor’s John and Sylvia Dilworth; whom became a very good friends to our family. Sinte was also able to join a women bible’s study every Thursday at another near by church in Portland and she enjoyed her fellowship time with women who were her own age group. We’re just thankful for the wonderful churches in Portland and look forward to coming there again.

Ewing and Eliana Crashed Out for the Trip Across America!!!

In early April, our family made a “trip across the country” from Portland, OR to Nokesville, VA where Austin’s family lives. It was a great experience with thankfulness to our wonderful children Ewing Mang and Eliana Parsin who are so good at traveling for long distances. God knows us very well to bless us with these children who have to deal with their nomadic parents. Along the way we were able to visit with friends and churches. We are so thankful for all the time we had together with so many. Each place and friend we met could be a blog post all on its own, but a few pictures will have to do!

Tour Thru Tree in California

Giant Redwood Trees in California (The pictures don't do them justice).

Fallen Redwood Tree

Visting Family in California

Meeting with the Oglesbee's in CA

Meeting with the Martinez's in CA

Mojave Desert

Thompson Family and Friends in Texas

Water Thompson and I in front of First Presbyterian Church in Midland, TX.

Saying goodbye to the Thompson's. Great new friends and hoping to see them in Thailand.

Staying with longtime friends the Baum Family and speaking at their New Church Plant group meeting in Columbus, GA.

Ewing with Emma and Anna Baum.

Lamon and Pat Brown in Montezuma, GA

Meeting with Chin refugee friends in North Carolina.

It feels like we just arrived in Nokesville, VA yesterday!!! But now we only have a few more weeks before we head back to the mission field in Thailand and Burma. Of course there were a few highlights. The Thai dinner fund raiser was an amazing experience for our family seeing so many of you there. Knowing how God has brought so many people who love God and want to participate in extending His kingdom through Farthest Corners ministry is such an encouragement for our family. Thank you to the board members and many volunteers who worked so hard to make this event happen in such a wonderful and fruitful way.

Thai Dinner at the Vint Hill Inn

Thai Dinner and meeting with good friend Mark Reese from Pender UMC.


Sinte and Austin Speaking at the Thai Dinner.

The tent was packed!

After the Dinner a great picture with Becky Whitelock who served as the Chair of Farthest Corners for many years. She has been instrumental in keeping Farthest Corners going and growing.


During our time in the USA, we also visited many churches as well.

Centreville Presbyterian Church Mission Committee. We're hoping to host members from this church to come to Thailand in 2015.

Bonfire and meeting with youth from Centreville Presbyterian.

We were able to visit Pender UMC for their mission conference this year and spoke with their Highschool youth as well.

Ewing has an intense meeting with Pastor Kenny from Pender UMC.

Speaking to friends and family at Nokesville Church of the Brethren.

Speaking at Chambersburg Church of the Brethren in Pennsylvania.

Speaking on Pentecost Sunday to Ashburn Presbyterian Church.

Our time in Nokesville has been very busy for Austin as he is also doing his doctoral studies. In the mean time, Sinte and the kids usually stayed at home with the grand-parents and had full days of activities. It is amazing to see how our children have been grown up since we arrived here in the US.   Our friends in Thailand might not even recognize them! Eliana Parsin is running, climbing and saying words. Ewing is growing to be just a mature and polite young man, that we’re so proud to say “Yes, that’s our son.”

We were also so blessed to have Sinte’s aunt Mawite come up from Florida to visit us in Virginia as well. She recently came to the USA as a refugee and we were happy to host her. Mawite and Sinte are the same age and have studied together all the way from elementary school through seminary.

Siang Liang, Ewing Mang, Sinte, Eliana Parsin and Mawite

Many dinners were spent outside on our family's deck.

But perhaps the greatest highlight has been how our kids are really being loved by the Grand-parents so much. They’ve developed a really strong bond that has been amazingly wonderful. It will be sad for our children not to be around Grandma and Granddad when we go back to Thailand far away them. It will also be sad to explain how far we are from the US as the distances are different thing for our children. But we are thankful for the time we have had in America and thankful to be sent as missionary to far away countries.

Grandad, Grandma, Ewing and Eliana doing a bonfire and eating smokes.

Ewing catches his first fish (a nice size bass) with his granddad.

Ewing helps his graddad with some work on the farm.

Almost everyday the grandkids and grandma walked to the mailbox to get mail.

Grandma and Eliana

Grandma and Ewing on Easter Sunday

We can not say enough on how thankful we are for our friends, family and the many churches who always welcome us so warmly whenever we come back to the US. We have visited so many of you and we feel very blessed by our Lord for giving us the gift of each of you in our lives. As we have less than one more month here in the US, we would love to visit and spend as much time as we can with you all. So please give us a call or send us an e-mail. There’s not much time left and we’d love to see you.