An Evangelism Extravaganza! That’s what the last few weeks have been and let me tell you it’s been awesome and humbling to see what our Lord has been doing the past few weeks.

Our students attend a mass evangelism event at Dara Christian School in Chiang Mai. Christian Communications Institute (CCI) is performing a Thai drama sharing the gospel. Many Thai students every year pray to receive Christ at these events.

The last couple of weeks our 3rd year Bachelor students here at the seminary have been doing intensive work in just doing practical evangelism. Now this is a pretty big step for all of them because at the beginning of the course, not one had ever led another person to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Over the past few months they were able to practice and work with Youth for Christ Thailand (YFC) who work in middle and high schools throughout Thailand sharing the gospel. Our students were blessed to serve along the many workers in YFC and were also able to see some fruit from their efforts.

One of our Thai students (a son of a family I have known since I came to Thailand) shares the gospel with a Thai Muslim student.

One of our students shares the gospel, while a Campus Crusade Evangelist observes.

Then a few weeks ago our students partnered up with Campus Crusade for Christ who have a somewhat different method of evangelism then YFC does. Again, our students were able to walk around college campuses here in Chiang Mai and do some wonderful witnessing for our Lord Jesus. Again, God was gracious and some of our students were able to lead some of these students to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Students share the gospel in a classroom at Payap University.

Last week, was the spiritual emphasis week for Payap University and we were able to have our third and fourth year Bachelor students go into classes and share the gospel. Christian and Buddhist teachers freely gave up their time to allow our students an opportunity to share the gospel. This again was done alongside other groups including Campus Crusade for Christ. Through these teams and by God’s gravce about 100 college students prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Our family attends an Abundant Life event with Nick Vujicic speaking.

To cap off a wonderful couple of weeks of evangelism work our family was able to join in a large evangelism event here in Chiang Mai. Nick Vujicic came and gave an inspiring message to over 10,000 people Buddhists and Christians alike and he pointed to the great hope he had, and that was through his Lord Jesus. If you haven’t heard of Nick’s ministry and message you should. Check him out on the web!

Now we’re hosting a training and praying for a large evangelism event here in Chiang Mai, Thailand being put on through the Franklin Graham ministries in November. The goal is to have 180,000 come to hear the gospel during a three day event! It’s a massive undertaking and our students are going through trainings now to support this great ministry.

But here’s the thing…what’s next. I’m really being challenged right now when I look at our students.

1. We are getting our students to be prepared to share the gospel using numerous evangelism methods (a great step to be sure).

2. Our students are being equipped to lead churches and shepherd flocks which includes learning proper theology, preaching, administration and many of the other leadership tools a student needs to become a pastor in a church here in Thailand.

But the simple fact is that’s not enough. Our Lord Jesus calls us as his followers to make disciples. Disciples who will follow his teachings and be obedient to His Lordship in their life. To know Him and to love Him with such abundant joy, that nothing will hold them back. That’s what the church is suppose to be!  And truthfully I’m afraid we’re not doing it as well as we could. That’s a critique on me first and foremost!

So pray for our family as we work with these students and faculty here as we try to become become disciple makers as well as shepherds for the church. It’s going to take patient baby steps to be sure and I’m sure it’s going to get frustrating (at least for me anyway). But it’s going to be worth it!

That’s what’s happening here, we love you all and keep checking out our blog. More news to come in the coming weeks and months!