Happy Home

In March, Rakchat and I were able to spend a few weeks visiting Happy Home and developing some of our projects in Northern Karen State, Burma. Being able to spend time with the children at Happy Home is always a highlight for me. Many of these children have been at Happy Home for over four years. Most of these children are either orphaned or come from single parent homes who are no longer able to provide them care, so these children look towards me as a father/older brother.  For me it is like I have 40+ children that I have a personal responsibility to care for.

Naw Klay Htoo, myself and Naw Hay Blu Moo

One of the great blessings this year during my visit was to witness two of the children (Naw Klay Htoo and Naw Hay Bluh Moo pictured above) at Happy Home graduate from high school. I was also asked to preach at the ceremony which was an honor for me. I encouraged the graduates to be servants, because their people need good servant leaders.

Another great blessing was during our interviews of the children. Rakchat and I would spend about 15 minutes asking the child how they were doing and if there were any problems at the home. We’d also encourage them and pray with them. Many of the students at Happy Home are not Christian and so we’d also share the good news of Jesus in an appropriate way. Always, during this time I am praying as I talk to these children. Hoping the Holy Spirit is working on the heart of the children whom do not believe in God. Saw Blue Gway (pictured above) has been at Happy Home for over five years. He comes from a Buddhist family but shared with us how he knows God and prays daily. He wants to become a Christian but needs to return home to tell his father this. Many other children at Happy Home gave similar answers when we talked with them, so it was encouraging for us to see many children having a chance to know God.

Naw Paw Pway prays to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

However, during the interview of Naw Paw Pway a student of Happy Home, something amazing happened. She shared with us quite openly that she wanted to be a Christian. That she wanted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. There was no pushing on our part, she truly wanted this and so after some questioning and prayer together we felt her heart was ready. So we helped lead Naw Paw Pway in prayer to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Praise God!!!

New believers whom accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior at a relief training.

I was also able to visit and help teach at a Karen Medic School at a relief training. I was asked to teach leadership from the bible and I used Nehemiah as an example of a good servant leader. It was great to spend time with these students who are studying so they may return to their villages and help their people. During an evening devotion, I was asked to preach. At the end of the sermon I asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Three of the students came forward (pictured above) and after some questioning and sharing with them, they prayed to receive Christ. Amen!!!

Pictures say a thousand words so the following will mostly be pictures of what is happening at Happy Home and some of our other projects. Please continue to keep praying for the Farthest Corners ministry. We’re so thankful to be witnesses of what God is doing here. We hope the pictures below give you a glimpse of what is happening.

Happy Home Students

Naw Doh who was a Happy Home student three years ago. After Happy Home she studied bible through Farthest Corners support. She has returned to Happy Home to be an evangelist and bible teacher to the students.

Happy Home Student and Board master in front of one of our rice farms

Rice grown on one our farms which should be harvested in April.

One of our rice paddy fields.

Rice harvested in November 2010 from one of our fields.

Karen villager. We hope to be putting a fish farm project in her village next year.

Karen villager. We hope to be putting a fish farm project in his village next year

Saw Tiger is the youngest student at Happy Home. He's also their best fisherman! Here he is catching fish in one of our ponds.

Happy Home student with catfish grown in one of our ponds.

With the success of our fish projects at Happy Home, we have purchased land to build more ponds. These will be used to help feed Happy Home and also to breed more fish to move into other villages. We plan to start having more fish projects in other villages next year.

Happy Home students clearing land in order to build more fish ponds in their village. (1)

Happy Home students clearing land in order to build more fish ponds in their village. (2)

Rakchat teaching how to breed catfish to Happy Home students

Saw Tiger with kid goat at Happy Home.

These Happy Home students placed in the top four of their classes at their local village school.