For a number of years I have wanted to travel south of our village and walk to a Thai Town called Sangklangburi. After a few discussions with friends, Saw Eh Kla Moo and I formed an evangelism team of seven men to go and visit this area. We hoped to share the message of Jesus Christ at some of the non-Christian villages in the area as well as visit some of the churches in the villages which had larger amounts of Christians. We were supported by Farthest Corners to do this trip as well as Bung Klung church whom supported us financially, prayed for us daily and commissioned us by the laying of hands.

The trip has since ended and so much occurred that it would be difficult for anyone to take it in at one time. So I will break the blog up into three parts. Part 1 will be an introduction of our team. Part 2 will share about our trip to Sanklangburi and the villages along the way. Part 3 will talk about our trip back.

So without further ado. Our E-Team!!!

Saw Ku Nah Paw has been an evangelist to Ley Tah Koh village for the past three years. Before that he served for ten years as a traveling evangelist to villages along the Thailand-Burma border. Saw Ku Nah Paw was a late addition to the group but fit right into the team immediately by helping to lead worship at each of the churches we visited. He requests prayer for the ministry he is involved in and that one day Ley Tah Koh village will build a church and have a pastor.

Saw Hsi Htoo comes from Burma and grew up in a Christian family. He now lives in Noh Poh Refugee Camp. He is married and has one daughter. Saw Hsi Htoo is one of my students at the bible school and came along to learn more about how to do evangelism. He requests prayer so he may one day become an evangelist to his Pwo Karen people.

Saw Hsi Koh has lived in many villages along the Thailand-Burma border but he considers himself to be Tey Lah Kone Karen. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior through the ministry work of Allan Eubank. After receiving Jesus he attended a bible training for three months at Noh Poh Refugee Camp and then afterwards moved to Daw Met village. In less then two years, three families have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through his life and ministry there. He requests prayer for his family of six children, for his faith to grow and for more people in Daw Met village to accept Jesus in their life.

Saw Kanay was born and raised in Ley Tah Koh village. He currently lives in Daw Met village. It is here he was witnessed to by his friend Saw Hsi Koh.  He is gifted in music and can easily make anyone laugh and feel at ease. After he received Jesus in his life he started to write traditional Pwo Karen music with Christian lyrics alongside his friend Saw Hsi Koh.

Saw Kanay and Saw Hsi Koh were the only two Tey Lah Kone in our group. In less then two years of being Christian these men were at least in my mind the largest part of the evangelism team. They would share their new Christian music and offer their testimony of what Jesus Christ has done and continues to do in their lives.

Chris is a member of Partners Relief and Development and a good friend of Farthest Corners. He has wanted to do this trip for a number of years as well. Anything to get out of the office!!!  He came along for half the trip to help do any dental treatments (which unfortunately we had none) and to also learn and explore the area.

Also included in the group were Saw Eh Kla Moo and myself. All of you who are reading this blog probably know us already. Saw Eh Kla Moo and I served by giving the message and leading prayer. In the next blog post you’ll read more about what we witnessed God doing through all members of our team.