Well it is January. Does anyone have any idea where December 2010 went? We were quite busy the past month. Alongside our regular ministry work we were also able to go visit many other villages and some churches and schools in the nearby refugee camp.  While it was busy, it was also incredible just to be able to share God’s love and sometimes preach at many of these places.  They say a picture says a thousand words, so this blog will allow the pictures to do most of the talking.

Sometimes we can drive into many of the villages we are doing outreach too. However, sometimes a little pushing and walking is required. This trip took about 4 hours.

Above some villagers are gathering for a Christmas concert (This one lasted for three days). Usually churches from throughout the area gather together and share songs with one another and also they may offer Christmas skits too. Non-Christians from surrounding villages come to enjoy the festivities too.

The above group was absolutely amazing. They came from a long distance away and blessed many places with the voices God has blessed them with.

Some of the villages we are doing outreach towards. I think this is the closest they’ll get to smiling for pictures.

Having a meal at one of the villages we visited. The pork was so good. Why have plates when banana leaves are so plentiful!

Sinte’s nursery students were able to sing and offer bible verses in both Burmese and English at our village church and at a concert too. They were amazing and those who attended were really impressed.

We visited and sang carols to many families in our village especially those who are especially poor. It was so wonderful to share with them Christ’s love and build new relationships. The children from the local Christian hostel came too.

Our family outside of a church in the refugee camp after I preached. We’re standing with two students that I have been teaching bible to.

One of my student’s that I have been teaching bible to was baptized the day after Christmas. What a joy to be able to witness God’s work in her life. Sinte is continuing to help disciple her as she is Burman.

Many of you are always asking for our prayer needs and so here they are.

1. In a couple of weeks we will be going on an evangelism trip further into the jungle. Pray for me to have wisdom as we go into an area few people have ever been too. Please pray each village receives us and the message of Christ’s love is welcomed.

2. Pray for Sinte’s ministry work in our village. The next couple of months I will be out on trips a great deal while she remains and continues to do her ministry work in our village. She continues to teach nursery children, do visitation and also has been discipling a student of mine from No Poh refugee camp who was recently baptized.


1. Farthest Corners is in the horse business. We got two and we might be looking for names in our next blog update. They’ll be used on this coming evangelism trip and on further trips too.

2. Our health has been quite strong the last couple of months. I was suffering from what felt like hernia, but after prayer and rest the pain and discomfort has gone away.

3. We’re really seeing people in our village and in our ministry accepting us. This is a huge praise!

Please continue to lift us up in prayer and praise God for what He alone is doing. We’re just blessed to be used by Him. Thank you all so much for your love and support.