Hello everyone,

My mommy and daddy are really busy this month so I decided to write a blog for them. I’m Ewing, the most important member of our missionary family. I like to run around and destroy anything in my path. Mommy says I get that from daddy.  Right now I get confused because I have so many languages around me. But I understand different words in Thai, Karen, Chin and English. Mommy wants to teach me Burmese too, so I’m sort of what you would call a renaissance baby.

Its been crazy here the last couple of months. In October, we had Uncle Eric and Aunt Leslie come and visit our family and we had a blast together. We went to so many places visiting our friends and showing them some of our ministry work. After they left our family went to Vietnam. We had to go because mommy and I needed to get new Visas. It was fun though because I met many of mommy and daddy’s friends who were their old seminary classmates. It was amazing to see what they are doing. Some are teaching the bible, doing translation work, evangelism and/or planting churches. Daddy and mommy were so impressed and blessed to see their friends working so hard to build God’s kingdom.

While in Vietnam we also spent a few days at the beach which was great. Daddy liked to go for walks with me and spend time reading his bible and praying on the beach in the early morning. Mommy just enjoyed the change of pace and being able to spend time with her good friend and roommate when she was in seminary. And me? I am just a beach bum who loves the sand.

In November I turned one. Yep the Big 1!!!  We had lots of guests come to my birthday party. Some of mommy and daddy’s friends from the refugee camp, my friends from the nursery, and other friends in our new village all came. They gave a sermon and prayed for me too!!! You must be pretty important to have some one give a sermon for you on your first birthday.

After my birthday, I got strapped back into my baby chair in our truck, again!!! We had to go up to Chiang Mai to see daddy graduate from seminary. This sounds easy right, but let me tell you, it isn’t. When we go up to Chiang Mai its like driving from Virginia to Florida on some really sketchy roads. We have to do this it seems like every couple of months and sometimes even 2-3 times a month. Imagine driving back and forth like that!!! It ain’t easy for a baby but I am patient and I am trying to be good. Did you hear that Santa???

Anyway, daddy finished studying at seminary in 2009 but he had to wait for the ceremony this year because of some bureaucracy thing. Daddy wasn’t happy about that, but he was happy to have me and mommy at graduation with him this year.

Now its December and that means us missionary families are really really busy. Now I know that may seem normal for you all. Busyness = Holiday Season, but we take it to a whole new level here. Many people in the surrounding villages want daddy to come to preach and visit them for their Christmas parties. Sometimes he has to preach in the morning at one village and then go to another village far away on some really bad roads/trails. Crazy huh!!!  But let me tell you, hill tribe villages know how to put on a feast, and that makes daddy very happy when he gets there. Mommy and I might go on one of these trips but we’ll probably hang out more in our village this month when daddy goes on these short trips. We’re planning to use the Christmas season as an opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ to many of the families in our village. There are many poor families here and we want them to know the message of hope Jesus brings.

With so much going on I don’t have much more time to write. I want to thank all of you though for reading my first blog and if daddy and mommy let me, maybe I’ll write more. I also can’t wait to meet many of you when we come to the United States next year. By that time I’ll be almost two and full of trouble!  Until then please keep praying for our family and also know that we are praying for you too.

Merry Christmas,

Ewing or Mangte (You can call me whatever you like)