As a family we were counting down the days before Eric and Leslie arrived to Thailand. As we focused on building our ministries, time flew by quickly and before we knew it they were here. But for our family Eric and Leslie did not come as tourists, or even officially as Farthest Corners board members. They were representatives of you, the churches and individuals who support and pray for us.

It was such a blessing to be able to host both of them and introduce them to our work. They saw our ministries with new eyes and helped give us new perspectives of our work. They spoke so glowingly about how they saw the Kingdom of God at work in our lives. How sad it is that we get so carried away in our daily work that we do not see how God is using us. They blessed us by sharing about what they saw.

As we took them city to city, village to village they encouraged us with their servant hearts. not a day went by without them asking us “How can we help you?” I felt moved by their servant hearts and began to ask myself “Do I have this same heart?” Our service is our life and too often we serve because that is what we are here to do. But their love helped me to reflect and better understand when Jesus said “not to be served but to serve.”  Even we as servants of God need to have true servant hearts.

Thailand has its challenges and heat by far ranks at the top of the list. Seeing Leslie walk around villages and refugee camps with sweat all over her clothes was inspiring. Not once did she complain of being tired or asked for a moment of rest. She is strong woman, but has an even stronger heart.

We were able to spend a little more time with Eric then Leslie. When I imagined Eric coming I thought of him coming as a Pastor and Board Member. In my culture someone that fills these roles has to be very serious too. But as he spent time with our family he became more then someone higher then us. He was a true friend, whom we could share openly about our lives and ministry. My husband especially was in need of this kind of friendship, as our ministry has him very isolated from westerners.

We want all of our supporters to know we praise God for the gift Eric and Leslie were to us. We hope their trip opens doors for more to come and visit us. Any visitor who comes will not only learn more about our ministry and work, but also encourage us with their presence.

With thanksgiving in our heart,

Sinte, Mangte Pa and Mangte