Crisis in Myanmar (Burma) – August 2021

The past couple of months have been particularly hard as fighting continues and an all-encompassing national uprising looms. With the increased conflict, the economy has collapsed, and many people without jobs are running out of food. We’re blessed to have relationships on the ground and in the USA to find avenues to support Myanmar (Burma). In the USA, one church seeing a great need provided a significant gift to help those suffering. Even with almost all of the banks closed in the country, we could get funds into the country and work with partners that we have strong relationships of trust to support those who need it most. Below are some recent pictures of rice distribution to people throughout the northwest region of the country.

Some of the Rice Purchased and Distributed at KIEC.
Sinte’s brothers helped with dividing 300+ sacks of rice to be handed out to families in the area.
Villagers and neighbors of KIEC coming to picking up rice at the school.
Local organization picking up rice to distribute throughout their town.

On top of this, in the past month, COVID-19 has ravaged the country, and we’ve lost several friends. We’ve been able to coordinate and get funds into the country to purchase oxygen production equipment and tanks for the people. While tanks are difficult to find, the greater problem is finding a plant to refill these tanks that are being used. Along with other organizations, churches, and individuals have been pooling monies together to help with the building of an oxygen plant which will cost an estimated $125,000.

Example of what the oxygen filling plant will look like.
Local organization receiving funds for the purchase of an oxygen production plant.
People lining up at an oxygen production plant.
Many times people will wait all day for oxygen which is critically needed.

Yet, with all of these challenges, the people continue to do their best. On the other side of Myanmar (Burma), at Happy Home, the kids have returned to their school, which the Burma Army bombed. They have rebuilt a new girl’s dorm and finished planting their rice, which we hope to harvest by December.

Happy Home Rice Field. We expanded the paddy fields by at least 2+ acres this year.
Planting rice during the monsoon season. Because of fighting in the area the rice planting was delayed by almost a month. Please pray for an abundant harvest in December.
Youth at Happy Home planting their rice.

God is doing remarkable things in Myanmar (Burma), and no evil can stand against His mercy and grace. Thank you so much for all of your love, prayers, and support for Farthest Corners ministries. We are truly humbled for your partnership with us in this great work!