The Gray Havens – March 2020

One of my favorite bands is named ‘The Gray Havens.” They aren’t the most well known Christian band, but they should be. I probably listen to their songs once a day. I resonate with their lyrics and music, which always seems to call me to draw back and contemplate my own spiritual life and walk with the Lord.

I also think they have a cool Christian band name. Their name makes me reflect on life here in this world. Living in the grayness of a fallen world and at the same time assured by the gift of grace that I have a haven in Jesus. There is a mournful hope in how they share the gospel in their music.

The below Youtube links are just some of their many great songs. I really encourage everyone reading this to take a moment to check them out!

For many of us, the moment we are residing in now, seems to be without choice. We’re being dragged into this new gray haven and it sure doesn’t feel comfortable. Although, I’m quite sure God never intends us as His disciples to have lives with total comfort. By saying that I don’t want to diminish the pain and suffering so many are going through right now. Rather, I hope that in this time of challenge that all of us can find in this moment a new fervor to trust in our God. Christ alone understands all we are going through and oh so much more.

For our own family, things are changing quickly here. Technically, at the time of this blogpost there are still no confirmed cases for Covid-19 in Myanmar (Burma). However, we’re under no illusions and believe the virus is most likely making much headway with little testing being done.  We have closed our summer school classes and the government has urged large meetings from happening. A new normal that seems to be happening around the world. 

Travel out of Myanmar (Burma) has become more difficult, but in truth, our family has given little thought into leaving, unless we’re forced to do so. We’re planning as of now to settle in and try our best to have a faithful witness when the inevitable storm does arrive. Our family has good health. We’re taking precautions. We’re listening to our leaders. We are prepared and are trying to encourage those around us to do the same. We’re in a great community surrounded by resilient friends and family. This is the gray haven God has called us too. There is no reason to live in fear, rather we’re thankful to be able to serve where we are. 

We hope this message finds all of you well, wherever you may be. So many of you remain in our thoughts and prayers. These are challenging and stretching times for many of us and our hearts ache to be with you. But we’re called to be where we are for a reason. As we all faithfully lean into this season, we hope you do so too, knowing our Lord is LORD of all.