One Rock at a Time – February 2020

Some may think mission service is glamorous work. Perhaps, some have a vision of Sinte and Austin going out every evening to do evangelism, lead a Bible study, or help to plant a new church. Truthfully, our hearts love this type of work, and when we get these opportunities, we love it. But for the past year, we’ve been doing more nitty-gritty work that many might feel doesn’t quite have a missionary ring to it.

Austin has been working a lot on improving KIEC’s gardens and ditches. You can’t rush plants, they take their time, and he’s learned how to grow vegetables and flowers he’s never even seen before. Building the foundation walls for our ditches has been much the same way. We mix our cement by hand and move and build walls one rock at a time. But when the job gets done, you see fruit, and it is joyful to be able to be a part of that.

Meanwhile, Sinte continues to lead the preschool and finish up her research on her MA TESOL. This year was mainly spent on the students and training new teachers. Unfortunately, a lot of those efforts seem to have gone away as two of our teachers left this year. So for Sinte, it looks like a never-ending cycle of training teachers again. Yet, lost opportunities turn out to blessings as well. One of the teachers had to leave to go to another country, so she could better support her family. Since our previous teacher arrived there, she’s been asking Sinte for advice on new teaching methods, so she can better serve the family she works with. We’re happy to help her out!

These tasks might seem menial. How can they relate to the Kingdom Building work? Yet, when we plant these gardens, build ditches, support friends in distant countries and teach the children at our preschool, we receive blessings too. Our Burmese Buddhist neighbors come over and share some of their seeds or give us some advice (wanted and unwanted).

We’re taking time to fellowship, share some of our vegetables, or have a meal with them. We celebrate with them in times of joy. In times of sadness, we mourn beside them too. We’re building relationships here based on love and respect. We hope that as we build each one, we take steps to share and proclaim the gospel…one rock at a time.


Front Ditch, Wall, and Gates

Rear Ditch, Fence and Bridge