After almost a decade of dreaming and praying. Then add into that a few years of looking at real estate properties, numerous meetings and seven months into our three-year KIEC fundraising campaign we now have a property for KIEC to be built on. As we looked at real estate options we had a list of important things we looking for hoped to find in a property:

1. We wanted to be centered in a Buddhist community. While we could have found properties in Christian areas of Kalay, we truly wanted a place where we could be a light and witness among those we desire to serve and share the gospel with.

2. We wanted a piece of land that was close to the center of the city and a large enough piece of land to allow us to grow. Not an easy task in one of Myanmar’s fastest growing cities.

3. We needed the right price. Our budget was limited and while we had a vision for a larger property, many shared with us that our vision didn’t match the reality of the real estate available for sale.

During the past few yeasr, Sinte’s father has been looking at properties for the KIEC Campus. In 2018, Sinte also traveled up to Kalay from Yangon and looked at properties about three times . In August, Sinte and her father identified a piece of land that met all of the above criteria. We started the slow process of negotiating for the property with an owner we already hae a relationship with, so we were encouraged. But the owner seemed unwilling to come down to the purchase price we offered and felt the land was worth. Something just didn’t feel right. Yet, we thought the land could definitely work for our KIEC campus.

In September, our family went up to Kalay to look at a few more properties but our hearts were leaning towards making a final offer and purchasing the one mentioned above. Then while still looking at these few other options, one Burmese landowner along with an agent came and shared with us about a property he was selling. When we went to look at it, we were shocked at the size of the land, how great the location was and how it met all we wanted and more. The price was in the range of our budget, but Sinte and her father being keen negotiators wanted to get the property for a lower price. During that time, Austin came the USA to meet with the Farthest Corners Board to discuss some of the property options and arrange how the monies would be transferred to Myanmar. A vote was made by the FC Board and it was unanimous that the property we had just came to know about was thought to be the best location for KIEC.

Sinte and her father held out for a few weeks sticking to their price and slowly and surely over the past month the landowner came down and finally agreed to our offer. To say we were ecstatic would be an understatement. So here it is, the new KIEC Campus!

KIEC Campus on the outskirts of Kalaymyo.

KIEC Campus land before filling land and fencing.

The KIEC campus sits on a main road which leads into the city.

Kalaymyo is a city in northern Myanmar (Burma) which sits in a valley along the Chin State mountains and is close to the border of India. A view of the mountains from the backside of the property.

The KIEC campus has a small creek which children and our neighbors use for bathing, washing laundry and play.


We began fencing one side of the property to ensure a good boundary. Robert Frost “Good fences make good neighbors.”

All holes were hand dug and we used cement posts and chainlink fencing.

Sinte’s father, uncles and brothers helped us with the fencing.

A job well done in a short time.

Filling Land – The land in the entrance sat lower than the front roadway so we filled it and this is  where our parking for KIEC will be.

Sinte’s cousin has a loader and helped us grade our landfill.

Grading the front parking area.

The front corner of the land had three large stumps which needed to be excavated as that is where our front ditch will be built along the main road.

Took over an hour to get those large mango tree stumps dug up.

This is what the front of the property will look like.

The local community uses the land quite a lot. We’re happy to have them come, but as the school develops we’ll have to find a balance.


Rice paddy is dried on the cement foundation by our Burmese neighbors.

After the paddy is cleared at the end of the day, children and youth come and play football here.


Fun time playing football (soccer).

Sometimes the football players just can’t wait until the paddy is cleared.

We had local church leaders and elders come to see and pray for the land.

Here we are praying together for God’s blessing for this campus and praising Him for this gift to use for His glory!


Thanksgiving meal with church leaders after our time of prayer and worship together.

Our family is excited for what this new land will bring for the building of God’s Kingdom. Praise God!