What’s in the Kangaroo Boxes?

The question of ‘What’s in the kangaroo boxes?’ has been a question we’ve been asked and been asking ourselves quite a bit these past couple months.

This past March, South Pacific School Aid, an organization in Adelaide, Australia came through for us yet again by donating and sending us two pallets of books (over 5,000+). We plan to distribute these books to schools, Bible schools, churches and seminaries throughout Myanmar (Burma).

A treasure for schools, seminaries and bible schools here in Myanmar.

Getting these books through customs is not a fun experience. To be asked over and over again by the company’s agent to send them the same paperwork which we already sent them multiple times and being asked silly questions like: ‘Are we going to be selling half used stationary?’ is baffling. But we’re in Myanmar, so we have to play along.

When we finally got ahold of the books we had only just a couple hours to scour through them at the warehouse and pull out what we felt would be good to distribute to Yangon. Going through the books brought tears to our eyes knowing how precious they are here. We can’t wait to put them into good homes and use them for further ministry. We can’t stop talking about how wonderful these books are!

The truck arrives to send off books to the bus station

These little Suzuki trucks can’t hold much weight, but they did the trick.

After our hasty search through the books, Sinte arranged for two trucks to pick up 28 boxes, where she accompanied them to the bus station. The shipping company we used to get the books through customs was amazed at Sinte’s bargaining skills. The price she reached for the trucks to deliver the books to the bus station was rock bottom. To show their approval of Sinte’s negotiating abilities, the agents quickly got the phone numbers of the drivers so that they could use them in the future.



Once the books got to the bus station, Sinte yet again wheeled and dealed (in a good way) with the companies to ship the books up to the north. Got to say, I love having a local wife who will get the best deal she can get! Sinte returned home, and she and I (along with Enoch’s help) went through many of the theology books that we hope to give out in Yangon.

Sorting theological books for bible schools in Yangon.


Enoch joins his mom and dad late at night to help with the sorting.

We just got word the boxes we sent arrived in northern Myanmar this morning, and Sinte is now heading up tomorrow to sort and distribute them. She’ll also begin to look at properties for the Kalay International Education center (KIEC) that we hope to get started in the next couple of years. This is where we need your help with a lot of prayer. We’re hoping this summer to find the property our family and ministry will serve from. We haven’t found the property yet, and we want to be in the exact place the Lord wants us. So please pray for Sinte and Enoch as they head up tomorrow to sort and give out books while also going out and looking for a possible new home and mission site for our family. We greatly covet your prayers!