Past Articles

The Revolving Door of Life

The above picture comes from a book written by Alexander McCall Smith. I have not read the book yet, but I sure do connect with the title. When I was a kid I think one of the coolest things I saw in the ‘big city’ of Washington, D.C. was a revolving...
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Farthest Corners Update

It has been quite a long time since our last update and so much has happened. The past four months have been an incredible whirlwind for our family, so we’ll just give an update of all our ministry’s happenings. In mid May to early June our family was...
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Blog Trilogy: Episode 3

As you read in our last two posts, last year we hosted a team from America. Among our team we split into three different groups. Austin, Mark and Rakchat went to Hskay Village (two days walk from Bung Klung Village) to encourage the new believers and for the...
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Blog Trilogy: Episode 2

The entire Bungklung trip can be summarized as follows: “Complications arose, ensued, were overcome.” ~ Captain Jack Sparrow, Dead Man’s Chest   Complications of feeling woefully inadequate as 70 children stare at you expectantly; or feeling like a fish out...
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Blog Trilogy: Episode 1

After a couple of months of you anxiously awaiting our next family blog post, I’ve decided that you deserve a trilogy of blog posts, which will be written by three different authors. This post focuses on an October Mission Trip when Mark Reese (member of Pender...
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